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Celebration City Christian Center is a church founded on Godly principles. We believe in living a holy and victorious life. I personally incite you to any of our powerful services and see Jesus in action. You will never to back the same. God bless you. Pastor Charles Nwaeze


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In the days of Trouble, the only sure friend you have is your integrity. Nobody may believe the truth from you but they will definitely refer to your character.


Written by Pastor Charles Nwaeze on .

Not everyone you see at a driving school 
owns a car, some are just learning to drive for fun or to get a driving job.
Not everyone you see in the hospital is sick, some are workers while others are visitors.
Note: Don't get jealous when others appear happy and don't celebrate when you think people are in trouble.
Life is not always as it appears.

Words from our senior pastor

Ps. Charles Nwaeze
welcome to the Celebration City Christian Church website. We are happy to have you here, welcome to our family
Ps. Charles Nwaeze
Our mission is to live like Christ and demonstrate His power on earth.

"Once God has spoken; twice have I heard this: that power belongs to God," ESV

Psalm 62:11